Introducing the Ensemble Security Operations Platform

Incident Response

Professionally engineered response to cybersecurity incidents

Legato Security provides services to identify and contain the attack in the event an incident occurs. Our experts can also help you develop an incident response plan so that your team is prepared with an action plan if an incident does occur.

Our goal is full remediation in the event an incident does occur – we utilize cutting-edge techniques to discover the origin points of digital crimes. 


Incident response

Our experts use rigorous assessment techniques to quickly contain the effects of a cyberattack, minimizing asset losses and reputation damage.

Incident Response
Plan Consulting

Incident Response Plan Consulting

Our team works closely with the Client to devise a comprehensive plan geared toward data recovery, forensic analysis, and full remediation.

Digital forensic

Digital forensics investigation

Legato Security delivers forensics investigative services for data theft, defamation, reputational risk, or any unexplained network behavior.