Introducing the Ensemble Security Operations Platform

Professional Services

More security value for growing businesses

Our team provides customizable services for any infrastructure.

Professional Services are a key component of ensuring a business’s infrastructure is safe from cyberattacks. Staff augmentation, security assessments, penetration testing, and strategic consulting can all be used to gain even more security value for an organization. 


Security consulting

We conduct an extensive review of the current security situation and provide recommendations designed to enhance and inform the systems design, planning, and integration. 

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Penetration testing

Legato Security performs functional penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and recommends changes and controls to protect business-critical data.

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Security assessments

Identify vulnerabilities within the infrastructure, applications, and people to better assess any areas in need of improvement in order to increase security.

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Incident response

Legato Security provides services to identify and contain the attack in the event an incident occurs. Our experts can also help you develop an incident response plan so that your team is prepared with an action plan if an incident does occur.

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Threat hunting
& management

Threat hunting & management

Simplify SOC needs and threat management operations with our customized security solutions — we investigate in-depth to find the less obvious threats and protect data.

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White glove

White glove training

Legato Security provides a step-by-step personalized walkthrough to verify security tools are properly implemented and ensure employees are adhering to security best practices.

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