Introducing the Ensemble Security Operations Platform

Endpoint Protection

Every user, every device, every time

Cyber-attacks often exploit the asset used by every person in an organization: their device. 

Legato Security’s Endpoint Protection offers rigorous protections for the all the devices across your organization.

Continous monitoring that keeps you safe

With 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting, Legato Security will respond to endpoint alerts and events whenever they occur. We take the burden off of already-taxed IT or Security teams by performing vital protection administration tasks such as: 

  • Console configuration
  • Health checks
  • Agent status monitoring
  • User & endpoint management
  • Rule & policy implementation
  • Whitelist/blacklist connections

Management & Monitoring

Protection available at all hours

Continuous monitoring for threats and any abnormal activity across networks and endpoints is an essential part of our program that reduces the time it takes to detect and respond to threats, ensuring your company’s sensitive data is protected at all hours.

Incident Handling

Put your plan in the hands of experts

Our experienced team will establish a plan for containing and eradicating threats, which may include isolating segments of a network or malware removal and mitigation, allowing your company seamless recovery to get back to business faster.

Alerting & Updates

Get real-time information

Our service will provide the appropriate parties with comprehensive incident alerts, equipping you to respond to potential breaches. We will notify, implement, and train as needed as new features are added to our endpoint service.