Introducing the Ensemble Security Operations Platform

Compromise Assessment

Empower your organization to face network threats

Legato Security’s Compromise Assessment identifies any past or ongoing malicious activity within the client environment. By conducting an all-encompassing deep dive of organizational endpoints, monitoring key network traffic, and analyzing security logs, our security engineers determine whether there has been previous exploitation of the environment or endpoint or a persistent malicious presence for a prolonged period of time. These assessments empower organizations to address threats within their network on a proactive level and avoid major exploitation.

Each assessment is tailored
to unique organizational needs


Legato Security tailors assessments to the needs of each organization, accounting for existing network and organizational infrastructure.

Robust Investigation

Manual and automated exploration of client networks performs a thorough investigation, ensuring no stone is left unturned.


Post-assessment reports provide actionable intelligence and recommendations to harden the customer’s security posture.

Robust capabilities for securing networks

Legato Security will investigate all endpoints, network traffic, and logs to find and identify malicious activity. Additionally, our team investigates past and present data to detect historical and ongoing malicious activity. 

Actionable reporting enables customers to understand and improve their security posture. Legato’s team of experts will immediately help remediate the incident if malicious activity is detected.

Legato Security's deep-dive process


Legato staff work closely with clients to understand the organization's infrastructure, target our investigation, and tailor our testing.


Legato performs forensic analyses to identify root causes, attack vectors, and compromised assets.


At the conclusion of Legato's investigation, security specialists deliver an exhaustive report detailing compromised systems, methods of attack, and targeted recommendations to mitigate future risk.

Why choose a Legato Security
Compromise Assessment?

Legato Security’s cybersecurity analysts are uniquely qualified to advise customer organizations. From municipal government to large construction contractors, Legato Security has intimate knowledge of the cybersecurity best practices and best-in-breed tools that customer organizations need. Analysts take into account current industry dynamics and strategic business goals to hone our analysis and recommendations.

Breach Prevention

Uncover and eliminate dormant threats to prevent a breach from occurring.

Improved Security Posture

Learn what vulnerabilities exist and develop a strategy to eliminate the gaps in coverage.

Regulatory Compliance

Identify and secure vulnerabilities that can lead to non-compliance issues.

Understand Business Impact

Understand business ramifications of a security breach and take steps to mitigate those risks.